Process/How to Get Started

STEP 1 – Place dirty filter from the dust collection system in the box of the new or recycled filter.  Proper handling, packaging, and storage of dirty filters is extremely important to maximize filter life cycle and cost savings.

STEP 2 – Call (217) 224-4143 or email with the dimensions and number of pallets of dirty filters ready to be picked up.   A pick-up will be scheduled promptly with a bill of lading (BOL) to be included with the shipment.

STEP 3 – Each filter is individually bar-coded to produce a tracking method system for the filters of your facility.  In addition, each filter is weighed and a pressure drop measurement (Air Flow Resistance) is recorded in inches of water.  At this time, there is a visual inspection for damage to filters that may be deemed “unfit” for further use in the process. 

STEP 4 – The dirty filters are cleaned through our patented system, resulting in 99% efficiency of a new filter.  Once cleaned, each filter is weighed and measurement of pressure drop in inches of water is recorded.

STEP 5 – Cleaned filters are individually placed in new plastic bags and returned in boxes on pallets.  A (QA Document) printout of the filter data and measurements will be included with each batch of cleaned filters when returned and is available electronically by request.

STEP 6 – At this time, the cleaned filters will be returned to your facility via our Clean Air Filters truck fleet, LTL carrier, or shipment of your choice.